Which Carrier Oils to Use on Your Skin Type

Want to start a natural skincare regime but unsure where to start? Knowing what oils are good for your skin type will help get you started on the right track. 

There are many types of carrier oils. I have broken it down to my favourites for each skin type to make things simpler. 

The first thing to think about is absorption. How fast or slow does the oil absorb into your skin? For oilier skin types, you want a faster absorbing oil and for dry skin types, you want a slow absorbing oil. Makes sense right? The drier your skin, the longer you want the moisture to last. 

Comedogenic Rating is also important when choosing an oil for your skin type. This is a rating from 0-5 that will let you know how likely the oil is to clog your pores,  with 0 being not at all and 5 being very high. The lower the rating, the better for oily skin. Oily skin has large pores and can clog easily.  Oils with higher ratings (mostly butters or soft oils like coconut oil) can be used on drier skin types because dry skin has small pores, and is less likely to clog. 

So what do you do with the oil you've chose for your skin type? The answer to this is very broad. You can use it as a cleanser with no makeup remover needed, go right over your eyes and use a wet cloth to rub off the oil, and take all of your makeup with it!

Use it as a serum and moisturizer. Try layering your oils! Maybe you have dry and sensitive skin (like me), use rosehip oil as a serum and top it with shea butter for your moisturizer.

Combine your oil with essential oils and/or infuse it with herbs, teas and flowers that benefit you skin type and conditions. I will be posting more in the future on what to add to your oil to create a customized skin care product. 

Oils for Oily Skin Types

  • Grapeseed Oil- 2 (fast)
  • Jojoba Oil- 2 (medium)
  • Hemp Seed Oil- 0 (fast)
  • Sunflower Oil- 2 (medium)

Oils for Dry Skin Types

  • Avocado Oil- 2 (slow)
  • Shea Butter- 0 (slow)
  • Coconut Oil- 4 (medium)
  • Evening Primrose- 2 (slow)

Oils for Sensitive Skin Types

  • Rosehip Oil- 1 (fast)
  • Avocado Oil- 2 (slow)
  • Seseme Seed- 2 (medium)
  • Apricot Oil- 2 (fast) 

Choosing an Oil for Normal and Combination Skin Types

If you have a normal skin type (lucky you), most of the oils listed will work for you. You may find it best to choose an oil from the dry skin recommended oils in winter and an oil from the oily skin recommendations for summer. This also goes for combination skin, although you may want to pick one with a low comedogenic rating to avoid clogging in your T-Zone. 


Carmen Flemming